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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Crazy Witches Daybook

My Mood:  Right now I'm all wide eyed and crazy. I just want to kill something or David, which ever comes first. The puppies are hiding under the dining room table. Poor babies.
What Pisses me off:  Not being able to do what I want. Like when I went outside to water the plants and then put the sprinkler out. WTF!  I cant get the sprinkler to unscrew from the hose. David probably put it on with a wrench, the shit! So I had to go get the other hose from the other side of the house. So I'm schlepping my fat ass with the other hose in tow all the way around the house and walk up to the spigot. Drop the other hose and I'm trying to unscrew the hose from it and I can't. Fuck you David!!! He put this bitch on so tight I can't get it off. To top it off I don't have the keys to his shed. He put them in his truck for some insane reason. 

So I get on the phone and ask him why he tightened the hose on the sprinkler. He said he didn't. LIAR!!  I threw the phone across the room, thank the Goddess it landed in a chair cushion. I get such a temper. I'm usually such a nice person. Went back outside and grabbed the hose and dragged it back to the otherside of the house, bitching and moaning all the way. The puppies are hiding cause they think I'm gonna give them a bath. Awww fuckit!!! I can't get the hose to reconnect to the spigot. Fuck all this shit!! I hope it rains and floods this shit out!  I need my meds and coffee. Lot's of meds and coffee!

My reason why I have these psycho mood swings: I haven't slept a normal night's sleep in, ohhh, I don't know how long. My aches and pains keep me up so that's nothing new. My meds only work when they feel like it. Could also be that I've been bit by the insomnia bug again.

So I spend my nights surfing the web, looking for funny shit to show y'all. I've found cool web sites and some really awesome recycling ideas. I'm also playing around in Pinterest. That place should be illegal. I spent 5 hours on it one night and didn't know it. It's like being in a time warp.

What I'm reading: I'm waiting for August to come around so I can get the next book from Chloe Neill, "Biting Cold". Until then I'm reading Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampire Series - "Bite Club".
Problem is I read so fast I start over on some of the older books I have just to stay entertained. I really need to go get a library card. I'm running out of shit to read. It's so bad I'm actually watching TV with David at night now. He watches reality TV crap. Like the logger guys and the gator hunters. I don't know the names of this shit, nor do I care.  I just watch it to stay out of trouble.

What I'm listening to: I am an Evanescience fan. Amy Lee is fucking awesome! The lyrics are fucking awesome! Can't say enough. Right now I'm listening to their Fallen CD and it's fucking awesome as usual. I always listen to her CD's at night while surfing the web. 
Check this video.

Have a fucking awesome day my pets.

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