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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Laundry Ninjas

DISCLAIMER:  In no way were clothes disfigured, unraveled, burned, maimed, shot and/or killed in any way shape or form from said dryer appliance in this blog posting.

I do laundry like about twice a week for David and me. That's on Wednesdays and Sundays. I have no problems with doing laundry except when it comes to the dryer. It's a great dryer. David bought it last year after the one we had finally burned itself out.

But I've noticed that when I put David's polo shirts and his slacks in the dryer they are turned the right way, not inside out. Yet, when it comes time to take these items out of the dryer, the shirts are completely turned inside out, one leg of the pants are also inside out. 

Mkay, next time I'll turn the shirts inside out so they'll be turned the right way when I take them out of the dryer. No way in hell did that happen. They were still the same way I put them in when they finished drying. 

SOOOoooooooo. Yesterday I put them in the right side out instead of inside out. Guess what?! They came out inside out. WTF!!! This is crazy! I told David he needs to do something about the dryer and explained my problem to him. He just laughed and said I probably have Laundry Ninjas. Well that's just fucking great! Before it was Washer Gnomes stealing socks. Now I have Laundry Ninjas! WTF is next!??

I can't handle this. Where's my drugs?


  1. There are underwear gremlins as well. Beware of those.

  2. It sounds like gnomes to me! Their a tricky bunch!

  3. i go with the gnomes who steal the socks. I think they are playing games with

  4. 1. I stole your drugs.

    2. I left you the good ones because that picture could only be created by a stoned motherfucker.

    3. The answer to this conundrum is obviously to put one of your babies on guard to bit these fuckers in the ass.


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