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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just a Note To Keep Y'all Up To Date

Who am I kidding!!?  Y'all know I don't write notes on here unless it's a picture I want to share. 
Anywho I just got off the phone with my Working Dead hubster, David. Yeah he's working his tail off.  Poor dear. He nearly drove me bat shit city crazy this past weekend asking me to look at this, look at that, what do you think. I'd liked to nearly kill him for bothering me while I was playing Witch Bubble on Facebook. He loves for me to comment on his work no matter what. The man lives for my nice comments. Hey he does fine work. What else can I say.

I was playing that silly game Witch Bubble. Fucker is addictive!!! I have no idea if my friends are getting the extra lives that they ask for from me. I have eleven fucking lives to give. So my question is this. Is Facebook stealing these lives from some dumbass who isn't paying attention? Cause the count on my hearts isn't changing worth a shit! Also I have no idea if my friends are getting these extra lives they ask for when I hit that "Sure I'll give you a shitload of lives" button. I never see them calling me names on their FB pages so I'm guessing they are getting what I hit those buttons for. I'm up to #158 on the game. Told y'all I was a junky, shit!! Besides, when I can't sleep at night from my aches and pains, I play the shit  out of this game. Or else I go on Pinterest and screw around for five or six hours. 

I'm a Pinhead. Yes, yes I am and I'm proud of it too. So there, nyah !! David has told me I can't play in Pinterest until all my exercises are completed. Hell, I do them cause I know if I don't I'll be stiff as a board. So I get things done then I can play. Well it's not so much playing as using Pinterest to finding cool crafty shit to make and meals to try out,  pictures to make into posters and I can pin this shit on Pinterest and keep from overloading my computer with it. I also find new bloggers from the pins I find. So to me it's worth my time.

I also find some great books to put on my "Must Read This Shit" list. I have already twenty seven books I need to read. They also have some great cleaning tips from bloggers I found if you want to Clean Green. I'm collecting all these hints and tips and putting them in a little book I made. I try these things out first to make sure they work. I have these little notes on green cleaning tryouts all over my fridge. David says he needs to get  me a bulletin board because we don't have enough magnets to hold them all up there with. Everytime he closes the fridge, everything falls off. It's not hard to make a few colorful magnets. Something new for me to make.

The puppies are taking the early summer pretty hard. It gets into the 90's by noon. They want to go out at every chance the door opens but come back something like ten seconds later when they find out it's too fucking hot! The only time they go out and stay longer is if I go to get the mail. The girls love going out the front door because they can chase cats out of the garden. When they finish doing that they come back inside with me feeling all important. Otherwise, they're all spread eagle on the floor cooling off because I keep the AC at 80. Poor Spunky is almost completely blind now. He uses the girls or me to find his toys for him. Otherwise he runs around sniffing for them. Poor baby boy.
Spunky, when he was younger

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  1. I am so fucking addicted to that games it's ridiculous! The Boy tells me I laugh like the Witches.


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