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Monday, July 23, 2012

Those Poor Angry Models

Some of us are not privileged enough to go to a real runway fashion show in Paris or Milan. I've seen quite a few on TV and pictures in magazines as many of my friends and you my readers have. But has anyone ever noticed the runway models at a fashion show? Really, have you  looked at them.

They are skinny to the bones yes, as all models are, but look at their facial expressions. Some have that expression like she's going to tear the carcass of some poor beast apart and eat it whole as soon as the show is over. Some look as though they'll attack you and eat you!

Does anyone know what these poor girls eat? I'm thinking for breakfast they are allowed one raisin wrinkle, three poppy seeds and one drop of black coffee, no cream or sugar. And even that's enough to cause them to have to undergo lypo. Then for lunch, they can have only one finger nail cuticle to chew on and diet water. Then they are treated to a fancy dinner at a very expensive French restaurant. Yes! Yes they are. You know the kind of place I'm talking about. Where the decorations for food presentation are larger than the food on the plate. Yeppers, the whole meal could fit on one regular sized fork. That's the place I'm talking about. Well their dinner would consist of one long, lingering, hungry look at a cow brought past their table. That's all they get, plus diet water

Some look as though they're pissed off for having to parade around in such a stupid getup that no self respecting woman would be caught dead wearing on the street. I mean, WTF!!! Have these designers gone fucking insane?!! Are they off their meds?!! That could be the reason for the mean nasty looks the audience and cameras get from these poor girls. They just want to vent by beating some poor unfortunate designer into a bloody pulp for no reason at all.
Hmmmmm... just a thought.


  1. I'm with you, as are more and more countries. Israel recently passed a law in March that requires all models on catwalks and in advertisements to provide medical proof that they are in a BMI range above 18.5. Many countries in Europe are also banning super skinny models from catwalks.

    Now if only we can start moving to less photo-shopping on models in advertising. No pores!? Oh god! They're terminators! :P

  2. P.S. You inspired me to write my own blog post on this. Thank you. :)

  3. A fucking CUTICLE!!!! aahahahahahaha! I love your crazy ass ; )


  4. They live on fresh air, cigarettes and black coffee!


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