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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Great News!!

I just got back from my Ortho Doctor's office and I am in great spirits. I am scheduled for knee surgery on this coming Monday morning. Yes it's gonna happen and I am so damned relieved. Thank you all for your many prayers and emails. I really appreciate the help because Goddess knows I needed all I could get. Thank You Very Much                                                                              


  1. Be healed. Remember to be easy on yourself - and ask for the good drugs (not the ones they give their neighbors - the ones THEY use!).

  2. I take a few days off and now I come back to this... so glad you're moving ahead. I just had my knee scoped(July), the first few weeks I thought it was an evil plot. Now I'm moving so much more (may have done a bit more than I should have last weekend). Hope all goes well and you are up and back to what ever passes as normal for you (for me it includes being able to garden, quilt, and cheer for the Aggies - I can't help it. I married one and now Baby is in the Band). Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I'm glad you get to have your surgery. I wish you a speedy recovery!


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