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Monday, November 19, 2012

Yes!!!! I'm Back. The Hiatus Is Over!!

Actually I was back on Saturday and then I also posted Sunday with my usual "Funny Christian Shit". The reason why or should I say how I'm back is due to my sweet Sexy Beast husband. The man went to Wally World and bought two TV trays.for under $30.

They are adjustable and go high enough so that I can sit up in bed and have some place for "Little Hal" (my HP Mini) to sit on besides my lap. I can only take typing like that for a few minutes then pain claims my day. Since I have this little table now, I'll be on again as usual.

I have been trying to keep everyone up to date on things going on with me. On Friday, I called my Orthopedic Doctor's office to ask if they got the results of my CBC, ESR, and CRP. Yes, that's a lot of lab jargon shit but give me a minute and I'll let you in on what it all means to you that aren't medically inclined.
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CBC is Complete Blood Count It gives us an idea of just how much blood is circulating through your veins, but it's actually broken down into the different cells in the blood. A CBC can tell doctors if there is a viral or bacterial infection in the body. It can also tell if you have cancer, kidney and or liver disease. It's very useful in fighting diseases and infections by how high the WBC White Blood Count is in your body. Mine is fine - so far, knock wood.

ESR is Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate we also call it a Sed Rate in the lab. It measures the amount of inflammation in the body at that moment. It can also tell us if there is infection, a pregnancy, or anemia when it's elevated. Mine was 55 - not good. Some labs have a normal level no higher than 5 to 8.

CRP is C Reactive Protein  It is a protein found in blood that when elevated can show inflammation, bacterial or viral infections, and arthritis. Mine was bacterial infection. We fought it with antibiotics intravenously which David had to hook up to my Port-a-Cath every evening for 8 weeks until a month ago. My latest CRP was 1.6 which is GREAT!!! It was 10 when I first was diagnosed, which was kinda high but we got it in time.

So to let you all know - I am healthy as a horse and I want so damned much to get my knee back in order that I could just scream. When I went to see the Ortho Doc on Thursday; he took x-rays of my knee to make sure I was not grinding bones and that I was a good girl and stayed in bed like I had been. He was very happy with me and asked when I wanted to do this (surgery). I said the Monday after Thanksgiving. He said great and that he would call the Immuno Doc on this case to let him know I was going to surgery if he says okey dokey on the ESR result.

So now I am waiting for the Ortho Doc's office to call and hopefully say it's really on for next Monday morning. So that is what has been brewing this past four days in my life. Yes, I am going out of my fucking mind like crazy-even just waiting for the confirmation. Then the insurance will take over and we will have to wait on that. NICE!! Insurance companys are bastids on giving an ok on time.

David is off all week looooooooooooog! Yes it's the Thanksgiving week company shutdown. You can just guess what he will be glued to and watching what on it. Yessireebob!!! You betcha! it's Jerry Springer and Maury all day every day!

Thank the Goddess I can close the bedroom door and play on "Little Hal" all day or sleep if I like. I can call David on the phone in the den/ Jerry Springer Room if I need him to get me something. The phone has a walkie talkie system that we can take outside or anywhere inside. So he has to take it out with him if he goes outside to rake leaves or something manly.

Otherwise, I am back to torture you all again my lovelies.


  1. Isn't your husband a sweetie for figuring out how you can get in your computer time while resting in bed? Let him watch all the Jerry Springer he wants, LOL!

    1. Yes he is a sweetheart.I'm thinking he bought the trays to keep me quiet about Jerry and Maury. He's smart without trying. AAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAA!!!

  2. It's nice to see you back. I hope everything gets sorted out with your knee soon, you poor thing! I know this has been absolute agony for you. *hugs*


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