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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Insomnia Has Taken Over

Sorry about yesterday folks. I know I sorta kinda promised to post every day but insomnia has taken over my life. Sleeping pills don't even work. Not to mention David pissed me off over the weekend and the puppies are acting like bitches on the rag.

This is day three without sleep for me. I'm fine but this migraine is about to make me a widow. David was outside torturing the roses and other bushes. I left him to do what I thought would be harmless pruning.

He did what I wanted which was pruning back the roses and my white jasmines. He went WAY to far when he cut back my wisteria that was trailing on the fence.

I screamed when I saw what he did to it. It will take years to get back to the way it was. I worked hard on that little tree. Lovingly weaving the vines through the fence. Now it's all for nothing. To bad I live in a farming community, otherwise there might be more places to hide a body.

On to other things ... the puppies are acting like the whole world is going to break into the house and steal their toys. They bark at the slightest noise. They have hidden all their toys, well let's just say only the really good ones they like best, under their blankets. Every night it's the same ol' deal. I have to pick up their blankets and cart an armful and a half of toys back to their toy box. The next morning the toys are all peaking out from under the dogs and the blankets. It's a vicious cycle.

I'm throwing in the towel and going to Pinterest.


  1. Insomnia is horrible. I am so sorry you are going through that. For me chemical medications almost never work as well as herbs. Have you trying brewing some valerian root? Once i tried valerian pills. They did nothing to me. I kept popping them and i kept wide awake. And then i bought some stinky valerian., drunk it and in like half an hour i was like i have taken heroine! I was out! If you have n't give it a try. Make a strong cup of that stuff and you ll get your zzz's!
    I am also sorry about your wisteria. Plants to me are like pets so i completely understand!

  2. Insomnia seems to be making several visits all over the world, I haven't been sleeping well wither. I'm sorry about your wisteria plants that sucks. Lol on hiding his body. Feel better.

  3. I have a wisteria too. It's my favorite. Unfortunately, the dumbass owners before us didn't plant it in the best place so I can't weave it through anything and we always have to cut it back or it tries to climb under the siding of the house.

    As for hiding a body, sheeeit girl, there's always room.


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