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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kate Upton And A Mercedes-Benz What Do You Think

Okay... I have a question for all my blogging friends and lurkers. Yes i want you lurkers to participate too. I found this add this morning on Shine from Yahoo. Many of the critics are saying that this is a really bad Mercedes-Benz commercial. That using Kate Upton is stupid, tacky, cheap and tasteless. You can tap on the link and go read it for yourselves, it's not a problem, I'll wait. my mind I think it's cute. Guys everywhere are thinking Kate is going to get wet while washing the car. Nothing like what is really going to happen. Thus dashing all male hopes to see voluptuous Kate wet with the suds.

So ... what I want you to do, my readers, is view the video for yourselves. Then tell me in comments what you think. I'm being nosy today so let er' rip.


  1. Using the possibility of a woman getting wet is using her as an object- whether she gets wet of not.
    HOW-ever, in the case of a professional who uses her appearance as a part of her work product and participates in the commercial informed of how her image will be used to sell the product I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM with this woman being an object- a dry one or a wet one.
    Portraying all women as objects is a bad thing. Acknowledging that boobs fascinate men (and women) and will make them watch paint dry is no news.

    Curvily yours,

  2. The ad benefits from the "best of both worlds" -- it gets to use female sexuality to sell the car and yet it simultaneously subverts that sexist message by making it her car and she's the boss of the men cleaning it! So, it is clever.

    And may I say that it's so nice to see a young starlet who doesn't have implants.

  3. It's like I've always said, male attention is the cheapest form of attention.


let 'er rip

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