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Monday, February 4, 2013

Crazy Witch's Daybook

My Mood:  I feel okay, I guess. I lost 15 lbs but gained a nagging cough and sniffles. I'm guessing this is part two of the flu. Just lovely! I picked this delightful bug up while waiting in line at the mail office to pick up a package. Everytime I cough I either piss my pants or fart.

What Happened Over The Weekend: David took Lucy to the vet on Saturday. She was so happy that daddy put her harness on her. I guess she thought she was so fucking special. Not when she got home though.

Oh let me tell you if looks could kill, David would be ever so dead. She came home and climbed up in my lap and looked at David with such hate. Then she proceeded to tell me about how she was violated with a thermometer and instead of one shot that daddy promised, she got three. She was totally pissed. It didn't last too long. That little girl loves her daddy. Especially if he has sliced sausage and cheese he's munching on. She was curled up in his lap sleeping by that afternoon.

David finally got to see "Thor" and "The Avengers" on DVD. Wondering why so long to see it? Well David doesn't like to rent movies. Also my back is screwed up with this stupid disc degeneration shit that I can't sit and enjoy watching anything so I'm stuck in bed with my laptop watching this shit lying down.

So David went and bought a DVD player and a Big Ass flat screen TV for the bedroom. I'm in heaven now. Don't bother me...yeah that sorta luxury thing.

Anywho, I bought the movies cause I love Marvel Comics and action movies. He loves them too. we also watched my favorite butt kicking women, Kate Beckinsale/Selene in "Underworld Awakening."

Other Crazy Shit Over The Weekend: David took me out to lunch/dinner Sunday at his favorite place, Olive Garden. We do this once a month and it felt nice to get out of the house. But David wouldn't let me drive. Kinda pissed me off. We had a little tiff but all is well. I had a nice walk dragging his body down by the river.

Did anyone see the Beyonce Concert Sunday night? I did. Although there was this weird football game called the Super Bowl that broke out during the concert. Really! It happened!

I was rooting for the Ravens of coarse. I'm a transplanted Texan from Maryland so I have to root for them. I was beginning to wonder if these ref's were the ones from the beginning of the season that were standing in during the Talks. They blew so many fucking calls, it was ridiculous to say the least. Then half the lights went out almost mysteriously just like in Candlestick Park. Made me wanna go hmmmm because when the 49'ers lost power in their stadium and they came back later to win the game. But the Ravens did the job and won this Super Bowl despite the 38 minute stop of the game. So I'm a happy camper.

Actually, I loved watching the commercials. All except the "Go Daddy", Bar Refaeli swapping spits with the nerd. Yeeeesh! Very hard to watch and that smacking, slurping noise almost made me lose my lunch. My all time fav for sentiment was the Dodge Ram, "God Made A Farmer" commercial. Made me cry but it was a damned good commercial. My fav funny commercial was the "Viva Mas" for Taco Bell with the old folks sneaking out and having fun on the town. That was fun to watch. There were a few other good ones but not as many as last year. I wonder if advertising needs to order up some fresh new blood.

What's For Dinner:  David is "cooking" tonight. I'm guessing either DQ or Micky D's. I'm not in the mood to eat anything so when he cooks it's fast food for himself. It's not good I know but I'm in pain today so after this post I'm planning to go back to bed.


  1. I hope you feel better soon and yopur luck turns around!

  2. I hope you're feeling better girl. This friggin plague is crazy. I am afraid to go to public places at this point. I'm totally serious.


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