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Monday, March 25, 2013

A Little Late Than Never

So sorry my friends for not blogging as early as I usually do, but so many things kept me busy this morning up until now.

First off David had put down cow shit on the front lawn yesterday and little Miss Piggy (Pebbles) decided that the fragrance was so wonderful that she needed to squeeze her fat little body through the fence poles and go roll around in it. Which of coarse Lucy said hey why not. So she got through the fence and they both were rolling in it.

I threw them both into the shower and gave them both baths. Dried them off and went outside to fix the fence hole. Then came back in and cleaned up the mess in the shower and bathroom.

I then went to start vacuuming the bedroom came out to the hallway and the hall was covered in water. WTF!!!?? I looked at the ceiling, no dripping so it had to be the bathroom.

There was water all over the walls, floor and toilet seat. The motherfuckers from the city (I found out later) were blowing out the pipes and they failed to tell anyone. I went outside to complain and I wasn't the only one. Three other women from the neighborhood were out there yelling at them. I was about to grab one of them and make him come clean up the mess in my bathroom when their boss showed up. Seems there was a complaint against them already earlier. Why the fuck they didn't let us know about what they were going to do is beyond me. But they said they were sorry. Fuck a duck! That ain't gonna clean up the water in my house.

I went in the house, washed up and cleaned and sanitized my bathroom. Then I finished with cleaning and vacuuming the house. It's now 11:30 when I think things are fine. Uhhh ... not quite.

I was washing the bathroom rugs when the washer started leaking. By this time I'm thinking what is going on here? Am I being punked?  I clean up the water and check the load in the washer. It was unbalanced. Our washer tends to leak water if the load shifts. So I fixed it and waited until the load finished.

By this time I'm going nuts. So I got out my baking shit and ingredients for cookies and banana nut bread. Because baking calms me down. I mixed up three different cookie batters and the bread. Put the bread into the oven and set the cookie mixtures in the fridge for later baking.

So now I'm here. It's almost 2:30pm and I'm almost finished with my post and the bread is cooling. The puppies are clean and sleeping. The bathroom is sparkling. The house is clean and I feel like I haven't done a fucking thing all day today.


  1. Geez! I say you have done enough for the day and it is time to take a nap!

  2. Sounds like a day from hell. I'd be exhausted, mentally and physically LOL. I'm glad to hear you have everything under control again, but dang!


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