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Monday, March 4, 2013

Crazy Witch's Daybook

My Mood:  Meh ...NO really I'm feeling pretty good this morning. That's because my pain receptors haven't woken up yet. BWAAAHAHAAHAAHAA!

In all reality the last few weeks have been like shit for me. When the moon started waning I bagan this sudden burst of energy that I just can't seem to control. I want to do so much right now. It feels great!

Wut I Did Over My Weekend:  Sounds sorta kinda like "Wut I dun did over my summer vacashun". You remember in grade school? I do. -shivers-

Anywho I got a wild hair up my ass over the weekend to have David put up some kind of trellise or lattice or something there of like it to give the front porch some privacy and have some place for the climbing roses that I bought online. Also not to mention to cut the wind from blowing so hard that I can't even sit down out there.

So we went to Home Desperate to see what we could find. We ended up helping other couples with the same problems. We told them, I mean I told them when they asked me why we were buying wood with the plastic lattice. We were just re-enforcing the flimsy lattice sides so it won't break in the wind. I think HD had quite a few sales in the plastic lattice department. No, please, don't thank me. I'll take a coupon for 75% off my next purchase though.

Wut I Did So Far Today:  Personally I don't want to tell you everything but If I must, twist my arm ... I have done absofuckinlutely nothing this morning. I did everything yesterday morning so I'm free and clear to write, bug other bloggers and gather shit to put on this here blog for your entertainment.

Anywho this morning I stumbled over to my laptop at my desk and turn it on. I sat down drank some coffee and go to my blogger writing page and begin blogging. I wrote what I wanted  so far and set it up then go see what it looks like. I see this fucking crap in place of my blog title picture.


 Instead of this!

This has really pissed me off now. I don't even deal with Photomutherfuckingbucket. So I go and see if I can fix it. Not a problem. Just reset my little Boston picture back where it should be and I'm set again.  Damned trolls. 

Oh! I have to show y'all this!!! If anyone watches "Breaking Bad", yes they are coming back with new episodes very soon. Anywho, there is a donut shop in Albuquerque New Mexico called Rebel Donuts. Well they came out with a "Breaking Bad donut" It has white icing with light blue rock candy sprinkled on top that closely resembles the "Blue Sky" crystal meth the characters on "Breaking Bad" make. I'm not saying crystal meth is okay, so please don't go around saying I'm promoting such a drug.

Just check this out. It's such a cool thing to see.

Hope you enjoyed that.

I have a list of shit I want to complete today but it's so pretty outside. It's in the 80's already here and hardly a breeze out there. I need to clean out my garden shed and see what I need to get rid of. Then the puppies will be going to the dog park for some running and loud barking. that's what they do every time I take them. Personally I think I'll take them over there now. Have a great day y'all.


  1. I love climbing rose bushes! They will be so pretty on the trellise! The puppies are really lucky they get to go to the dog park! Happy gardening!
    Have a beautiful, magical, happy, creative and lucky week!

  2. Yeah, the "Blue Sky" fake meth donut got a lot of play on the news up here in Canada. We're nuts about donuts, you know.


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