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Monday, March 11, 2013

Crazy Witch's Daybook

My Mood:  It's been a weird weekend to say the least. I feel wasted and now I'm just climbing out of it. I think it was the time change for sure because even the dogs were sleeping all day Sunday. By Sunday afternoon I felt like I lost the whole day. I kept asking David if it was Saturday. It felt like a fucking fog was in my head. Spring is coming. That's it.

What Happened over the weekend:  Well David finally got the building bug and started on the lattice for the roses. He made about two or was it three trips to Home Desperate ... I can't seem to remember.

He painted the frame and now just has to hammer it to the lattice and then screw it to the house in the garden. I ordered the climbing roses Sunday morning, and some sweet peas and creeping phlox. This garden is gonna look fine as frog hair split four ways, I just hope we get the plants soon and not next year.

It was a loud night on Saturday into Sunday morning. We had a storm front that decided to land right smack dab over us and wake us up with a thunderous vibrating boom Sunday morning. Not only that but the Mexican Boyz to Men across the street were having a "who can sing the best karaoke Mexican love songs while drunk off their ass contest" in their garage. The door was closed mind you but it was still loud and very off key. They were murdering music. It sounded like "The Gong Show". Yeah, Google it you youngins. You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll wait.

What's Going On This Morning: Well Before I started blogging this morning several things fired up my brain.

One was the Cardinals at the Vatican will start picking a new Pope very soon. So on that note may I say I hope that Father Guido Sarducci has a chance this time around. He is after all "a Pretty Nice Guy".

Another thing was I must have done something to my laptop when I shut it down last night. I woke up and all my icons were PPpffffffftt*. A fucking Zombie Laptop! I had nothing! Just the wallpaper of a tranquil beach*sigh*. I tried everything to get them back; nothing worked. I was so fucking pissed at myself. So I preformed a Go Back all the way to Saturday. went and made coffee and then came back. The laptop was still in Go Back sequence. Damn!

So I cleaned house, I mean picked up puppy toys from all over the house. Took the puppies outside, came back in and it finally finished. Then the antivirus needed to run because my laptop "went back in time" as it were. So I ran that monster and it finally finished when I came back from exercising. One hour and forty five minutes later I had my icons back - YES!!! I almost felt like shooting it. I grabbed another refill in my coffee mug and here I am back to Abby Normal.

Another thing was that I had a wild hair up my ass to watch Walking Dead this morning while the laptop was on backup. David has the DVR set up to tape a lot of our favorite shows and WD is one of them.

I hope that when the Governor dies it's Michonne that kills him. I would love to see that happen. The woman is awesome the way she welds that Katana. I think that's why I like reading Chloe Neill books. Her bad ass Vampires fight with Katanas. And by the way I am reading her "House Rules" book now. I love Merit in the continuing series of the Chicagoland Vampires.

I also heard in the news that you are now able to take sports equipment like hockey sticks, golf clubs, etc on board a plane. Yep something to beat other obnoxious and/or drunk passengers with when they bother you while in flight. To bad the flight attendants can't carry tasers.

Well I have absofuckinglutely nothing else to do today except go play around on and then Pinterest and waste my life. Have a great day my lovely minions.


  1. I know the Gong Show! It was classic.

    I talked to a co-worker last week and she doesn't know who Mary Tyler Moore or Dick Van Dyke is. Holy crap! How is that possible?

  2. The Vatican could do worse than Father Guido Sarducci.

  3. LMAO, you crack me up... Mexican Boyz to Men! You should have recorded them and shared with us for shitz-n-giggles. OMG the Gong Show... I remember that show! Wow, talk about a trip down Memory Lane! AND... I LOVE Walking Dead, unfortunately I don't have access to actual television or cable shows and must rely on Netflix, which is WAAAAY behind, much to my frustration :(


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