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Monday, April 1, 2013

I Gotta Get Me One O' These!

I was in a killer mood today after watching a full week of The Walking Dead.  I found some very cool items for the kitchen, bath, and a cool bag to carry around. 

I found this cool looking Zombie Survival  Messenger Bag that's available at

I found this 8' Stainless Steel Chef's Knife at this cool site - 
It has a fired on food safe bloody look and evidence tag. Soooo cool!

I found this bloody kitchen apron at It goes well with the knife above.

All the Bloody Bathroom products below are found at 
Bloody bathmat
Okay - contrary to what you may have seen at other places this mat does not turn blood red when it gets wet from your foot prints. Some sites and catalogs say this to just sell the item.
One of two different bloody looking bath curtains at

This hand towel looks so cool hanging up next to the shower curtain

Don't forget, you just have to have the Blood Bag Type O Positive to hang in the shower


  1. My brother-in law would love all of this! My sister would not allow it though.

  2. How fun, especially for Halloween! I love the zombie bag!

  3. The bath mat and hand towel, that way he won't know I'm having a really bad period. Bwahahaha!

  4. This stuff just gives me the willies!


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