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Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm At A Loss

There is SO MUCH SHIT going on this past week. It seems like the week from hell so to speak. Thus, I have been tuning out of it in order not to go into a crash and burn depression situation.

It's not that I don't have feelings for the victims of all this fucking calamity, it's just that I need very much, for my own mental health, to find a way to cope with all of this fucking crap. It isn't easy for me because I see it plastered all over my Facebook page from my friends and fellow bloggers.

I have tried to dismiss the carnage by posting funny stuff for everyone on my blog and Facebook page in hopes of keeping myself as well as others spirits high. That there is goodness out there in this world dumb fucks who think that killing and maiming are the order of the day.

I'm tired ... almost to the point of tuning out completely. Every day I do what I need to do for everyone on the web I put on my brave happy face for David, kiss him goodbye as he goes to work and then I cry and scream at the walls and ask why? Right now I'm millimeters close to quitting.

I wish I had a funny blog post today but it's just too hard for me to cope right now. I'm so sorry I'm letting you all down. I'm just so sorry.


  1. Honey, calm down, it's okay.

    I loath the media. It's job is to scare you senseless and numb you to the point of compliance without question. When they are force feeding you fear and negativity, you absolutely need to turn it off, stay off line, and protect your psyche.

    You are not letting anybody down. Do something that makes you happy today, stay unplugged and enjoy your man when he gets home.

    hugs to you!

  2. I know lots of people who do a "media fast" from time to time or all the time. Turn all the news reports off and take a little break until the world improves a bit.

  3. Oh, fuck. I totally understand. What is the fascination with death, carnage and destruction? Why would anyone want to watch the fucking horror of it all? Right now I am not watching any news at all because I am already wanting to jump off the edge of the earth.
    Everything is so fucked up. Why bathe in it?

  4. I never watch the news, and since I've been on and off the news since Monday I've developed massive anxiety and heart palpitations. Today I became numb. Between the high anxiety from personal shit and now on a global level beyond my control I feel sick.


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