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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 21 July Blog Challenge

Day 21:

What are your thoughts on how the media portrays body image for young girls?

The media makes me sick! I hate the way they lie to the female population about things that are important to us. That being personal appearance, what we wear, our weight, hair styles and such.

Weight is one of the most important things in a woman's mind. I have seen women I won't call them girlfriends because this has happened to me  wield power because of weight. They look down on, make fun of, and talk behind the backs of other women that are slightly fat to grossly obese. This is all from the way media has portrayed the way women should be.

They literally shove it down the throats of young girls that read and look at magazines like Elle, Glamour, Fashion, Vogue, etc. The fashion models are but wisps of flesh much like survivors of Auschwitz with the fashion designers clothes hanging off of them. When the fashion mags can't find a skinny bitch they air brush the shit out of the model so badly that the poor girl looks like a circus side show attraction.

I thank the Goddess (Yes I'm a Witch) that Kate Upton is around. She shows women what a real woman should look like. Not fat, not skinny, but just right. I love her. I wish the media would take a lesson from her and see women aren't all skinny mini's. We have bodies that we all want to feel proud of. I'm not exactly Kate's weight - yet. But I'm working on it slowly because of health reasons and the fact that I want to be around on this earth for a while longer.


  1. The media perpetrates it but is simply the tool used by big business to sell their products. Ultimately it is they who are to blame for this. But women also collaborate by believing it and buying the products. If women stopped doing that, the system would fall.

  2. I really fell in love with Jamie Lee Curtis when she stopped dying her hair and did the untouched up photoshoot in her skivvies.

  3. I like that Kate Upton keeps it real, too. There should be more models like her.


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