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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 9 July Blog Challenge

Day 9:

What is your food philosophy?

That's an easy one. I have changed my eating habits like you wouldn't believe! I eat what I like but in moderation. I only eat when I'm hungry. I also put a hold on the sugar thing and that includes artificial crap, and no prepared foods if I can help it.

I eat LOTS of fresh fruit and veggies, less red meat and only good carbs. Yes, I know, what the fuck are bad carbs as apposed to good carbs. Is there such a thing as a good carb? SHEEESH!

Good Carbs aka Complex Carb - low in glycemic index-  low in sugars, are fresh veggies, fresh fruit, beans, whole grains.

Bad Carbs aka Simple Carbs - high in glycemic index- high in sugars, made of regular white flour, processed foods, processed juices, chips, candies, cookies, basically crap.

Shit, I could go on and on about this stuff because there is so much of it. If you want to know more go to and check out all there is about healthy eating. Or you can save yourself the anguish of looking and just click this link, HealthNation. There is so much good information on eating right and it's pretty straight forward and easy to understand.


  1. Yep, what we put inside is reflected on the outside. I have looked like an M&M for many years now.


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