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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Favorite Thing About Autumn

I've started the NaBloPoMo for October. I love doing these things because they force me to write everyday and to tell you things about myself. I do hope you will enjoy reading my posts for this month.

October 1: What is your favorite thing about autumn?

Okay, I have so many things I love about autumn. I think the most wonderful favorite thing is when the weather starts to turn cool. Not 50 degrees cold but a brisk 60 to 65 degree cool. It's cool enough to enjoy for me.

I love that kind of coolness because it's when I can throw the windows open and get the cool winds blowing crisp clean air through the house. I can sit almost all day out on the porch drinking coffee or tea and enjoy the day while I read. I can bake to my hearts content and make hearty stews and soups. I can take walks with the dogs and not get heated. I can finally start wearing my sweaters and scarves with a real purpose and not just for fashion. I love autumn because there are so many holidays. My favorite being Samhain. I'm so glad autumn is here!


  1. seem like a lot happen on the blog world in Oct...I'm taking part in and
    Coffee is on

  2. October is the best! Enjoy your blogging month!

  3. I too love to be able to turn the oven on to make something good without heating the house up to unbearable levels. Thanks, Autumn!


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