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Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm Back!!!

I'm Back!! And YES, I'm so happy about it. I guess I could say it was a mini vacation but having an arthritic back is no picnic. Only those of you out there with this problem would know what I'm talking about.

I went to see my doctor on an emergency appointment and ended up getting shot up in the lower back to bring the pain down to a tolerable level. I do have to say that I feel better now. We had rain this Friday when I went for a follow-up and my back only felt slightly achy. At least I was able to stand for a half hour and make dinner without crying. That's how nice it was. I am still lying on a heating pad for 20 minutes every morning before I get up, and that does help a great deal. Otherwise I'm walking, standing, and sitting for longer periods of time than when I had this pain before. 

This morning was absolutely gorgeous! In the high 50's and sunny. I was sitting outside with my humongous mug of hot coffee and wearing my black sweats. The sun hitting my sweats kept me nice and warm. I sat and watched the birds teasing the neighborhood cat tribe. They're fun to watch. It's so wonderful that the weather is turning cooler now. I'm able to wear my long sleeve shirts and sweats. Also I'm able to drink my hot coffee again. I just love it!!

David walked with Lucy, our crazy Boston, this past weekend. He alternates walking with Spunky and Lucy. If he were to take both walking there would be problems. 
The Spunkinator with his burnt orange an
 cream UT @ Austin collar. Ready to go walking.

You see, Spunky likes to take the full length of the leash to extremes. He likes to walk 15 feet ahead of David. He never strays from the walking path and never goes after other animals or even people while walking at the park. He may be blind but he knows the walking path by heart. He's all business.
Lucy being her lazy ol' self.
Refusing to get out of our bed.

Lucy is the goof ball. David takes her usually on the weekends, which breaks poor Spunkinator's heart. She takes the leash out to the full length and waits for David to pass her up, all the while she's searching for cats, squirrels, and things that look interesting. BUT! She never leaves the walking path. She just likes to watch. When David is a good distance ahead of her and just before he starts to pull of the leash; she whines and hurries past him to the full length of the leash and checks out the surroundings again. David says she's good in the fact that she never jumps on people or other dogs. It's just the constant running she does that bothers him. And he wonders why she's so fucking tired every time he brings her home. GAH!!!

Peacock hair pin from
I had to trim my hair a bit this weekend because it's gotten so long. This is the longest it's been since I was a child. It goes way past my shoulders now and to me that's so cool. Now I get to put it up in my nice hair clips and stuff. I was actually on yesterday looking for pretty hair clips. Found a butt load of things to put on my Wish List for later to buy. It's easy to get sidetracked in that place.

While I was on hiatus for a week and a half. I went through some old clothes that are way too big for me. David will take them to the Thrift shop later this week when he has the time. Other than that nothing much happened during my time off.


  1. Isn't it nice to feel good? I am glad you are feeling better!

    Clothes that are too big? Now that must feel awesome!

  2. Welcome back sweetie, I'm so glad you've had moments of relieve/ease.


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