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Monday, October 7, 2013

Just Stuff

Okay, two weeks ago I had a nasty cold that later got worse and turned into bronchitis . . . UGH!!  Now I'm over it and I'm fighting asthma. I first thought all the coughing and sneezing and wheezing was another fucking cold. But then I saw my doctor this morning and learned I have asthma. Yay!  Sometimes I just want to curl up and die. Will this shit ever end?

This weekend was absolutely fandamtastic. On Saturday David and I were able to vanquish a list of much needed house chores with the weather on our side for once. David did the yard chores and I got rid of all the house chores. Then we took the puppies out for a nice refreshing drive with the windows down in the car. On Sunday the morning temperature was in the 50's. All the puppies ran into the bedroom to get warm with me. I slept in until about noon with them and David caught up on TV shows from the DVR. We later watched football and then went out for dinner. I told him we're turning into a couple of ol' fogies. He said yeah but we're comfortable aren't we. I have to admit he's right. I guess it's just us getting old.


  1. That sounds like an awesome weekend!!!

  2. Fucking asthma. If I were saying this out loud to you right now it would entail a lot of coughing.


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