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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Most Favorite Autumnal Flavor

October 2 : What is your favorite autumnal flavor?

My most favorite autumnal flavor is hot spicy apple pie with vanilla ice cream melting all over it. The spiciness with the apples and cinnamon all mixed together with the crunchiness of the pie crust is just mouth watering to me. The smell filling my house as it bakes is just out of this world. 

Then when the pie sits just briefly to cool but not completely cool, sliced, and then a piece is smothered with the delicate vanilla flavor of ice cream as it melts. Oh what a foodgasm!


  1. For me, it's pumpkin pie. Oh yeah, baby, pie me!

  2. I need to bake a pumpkin pie...eating them always gives me hiccups, but I enjoy it anyway...


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