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Monday, January 6, 2014


I just came into the media room from the bedroom to get my pain killers and noticed the out door temperature on the weather station on our wall. Crap on Toast! It's 26 fucking cold degrees outside here in Texas! Yeah, I know it's colder where y'all are, but shit! This is south central Texas. We don't get this cold until the end of January. All I'm sayin is shut the fucking door, Canada! Were you brought up in a barn? DAYUM!


  1. Hahahahahaha! We'll get you, my pretties! And your little dogs too!

  2. Cold is always relative. I always have to slap a coworker who rags on people for saying it's cold when it's anything higher than zero degrees. This is the same person who complains about how hot it is when it's 80. It's all relative, and 26 is freaking cold.

  3. I know right. We're right by the door here in Michigan. Sheesh I think the official temp is "Cold as fuck"


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