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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just A Few Things

Where to start . . . oh yeah, Seguin is getting a Starbucks. Yeppers y'all. We are moving up into the 20th century. Well at least we're tryin. According to the online news paper, the building for Starbucks will start next month and they will be open in July. That means I won't have to drive all the way to New Braunfels to get the jitters. How special!

This Friday I have two doctors appointments. One for my back. It's been hurting but it's mostly arthritis and there is nothing that can be done for that except applying heat. The other appointment is for my knees. That means I'll have to shave my legs. The staples will be taken out and then I have to have the x-rays. Great thing is, I'm not using the cane anymore. Anywho I'm hoping both doctors will set me free and I won't have to see them unless Hell freezes over.

I am still having the 5000th Comment Contest. I was so stupid to hope that comments would hit 5000 before the end of the year. Right now I'm at 2696 on the comments total. So whoever makes the 5000th comment will win the $100 Amazon card to do with as they please. If you are outside the U.S. I will have to find a way to get the prize money to you. So don't worry.
I also noticed quite a bit of spam in my comments from some of you. Does this mean I'm going to have to mediate my comments before they get posted?  I hope not. I ain't got time fo dat shit! If you can't comment like my regular readers and feel the need to throw your garbage in my comments, then it will be deleted. It's bothersome and no one wants to read that trash. So PLEASE DON"T SPAM MY COMMENTS!

I decided to delete my other blog because it is not a good idea. I have my reasons and they are personal and on the legal side. Sorry. For now I'm writing everything in a composition notebook. David bought me several because I have so much to write about on that subject.


  1. Great catch up post... and a Starbucks to boot! Whoa you gonna be all uptown, we still don't have one in our little podunk town and I gotta drive for days it seems. I just fixed their asses, I bought a Keurig and get the Kcups of our favorite blend so I have it every morning here at home in my jammies... sigh.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed you get your freedom from doctors. They can be such a pain, but sometimes if rarely they do know their shit.

    I'm working on that 5,000 comments, I could REALLY use that gift card for text books, they are getting outrageously expensive all of a sudden. And if any of my comment DO for some reason show up as spam, let me know. I've had to re log in to my Google account at times in order to post a comment. Stupid Google...

  2. Not being a fan of Starbucks I can't share in your joy but coffee is coffee and having it available it a gift from the universe.

    Am I spamming you? I hope not. If I am it means my account is being hijacked.

  3. There was no other coffee shop in your town prior to the 'Bucks? Did everyone in town just stumble around in a non-caffeinated haze? Good to hear you're able to walk without a cane...and that you're shaving your legs. Hopefully your back feels better and yeah, that you can get them doctors off your back.
    By the way, can I have access to over 1,000 prescription medications at just the click of a...WAIT, don't delete this comment, I'm just kidding. But I do have a rich uncle in Nigeria who just needs a couple of thousand to move and give you millions.


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