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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This Is What's Goin On

I was going to post something funny for Tickle Me Tuesday but since y'all haven't heard from me in a while I decided to do a bit of bringing y'all up to speed. Instead of just one week off for Christmas, David, my sexy beast, took two weeks off. It was okay though. He didn't watch any trash TV the whole time. Instead he did a great deal of much needed yard work and things I couldn't get done around the house because I'm not allowed to climb ladders to clean on top of stuff. So he did some of my chores.

As y'all know I got my foot wrapped up in a cord and fell, ending up in the hospital. I am such a klutz. David said that I'm most likely to die in a flip flop related accident. My Orthopedic surgeon agrees with him wholeheartedly. Yeah, that's me the klutz. I'm not allowed to wear any flip flops for the rest of my life. I'm not allowed to climb ladders or chair steps of any kind, lest I fall and bust or dislocate my artificial knees.

Lucy next to the toy box. Note-not all the toys
are in it. In the background, Spunky is
hunting for a toy I tossed into their bed blankets.
On a lighter note, the puppies had a great Christmas. Cool toys to make loud noises with and bother me to throw the ball for. That's mainly Spunky. Blind as a bat but can find the ball or toy that he wants me to throw over and over all day long. The girls love the raw hide bones. My Goddess! They have more toys than any kid in the neighborhood. Spoiled puppies!

We had a very quiet uneventful Christmas and New Years eve. The new year started with a bang when I fell and so far everything is going a whole lot better. I'm walking with a cane now. The
Squirt (Pebbles) being nosy under my drawing table.
She has been very needy lately.

Spunky is recharging for another bout of
"Mommy throw the ball". Notice the pink ball.
pain isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm getting around pretty good now. The weather is playin havoc with my arthritis but I'm fine. It's just a part of getting old. Hope y'all are doin great too.


  1. Thanks for catching us up! I'm happy to hear you are on the mend, but really?? NO Flip Flops?? Ya might as well just shoot me. I gotta have them suckers in the summer. I got a different pair for every day of the week, I shit you not!

    Your puppies look like they made out like bandits, and it's good to know you are a Mommy who spoils them. Love ya bunches! Keep getting better. I miss you when you aren't here

  2. Burn all flip flops! Wear nothing but rubber soled sensible shoes for the rest of your life!

  3. That would be the worst demise, death by flip flop, not just the death part, but the post-mortem humiliation would be unbearable (I could just die). The least family could do would ensure that no one describes the flip flop element of the death in the obituary.

  4. I have predicted that when I die it will be a direct result of a fall...likely breaking my hip. I am klutz as well.

  5. Hah! I do most all of my barn chores in flip flops. I know one day I'll be sitting in the ER trying to explain how I put a pitchfork through my foot. Hope you feel back to normal soon! Stevie @


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