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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Is Monday's Ugly Sister

Yesterday I was much too tired to do anything including schlep my ass to the computer and write. My heart just wasn't in it. Sorry but back pain was kicking my ass again all weekend.

David pulled a three day weekender on me last Friday and I was at his mercy. Yes, yes I was. But it didn't last long. I made him go out and mow the lawn, clean the roof off of all those leaves and dead pecan branches, and clean the gutters. He did a great job too! SOOOO proud. Aahahahahaahaaaa!!!

Well, I think you noticed the coffee IV bag. Yeah, that's for me. I need that bag of caffeine bad. David left me a large gift this morning before he went to work. Oh yes. A big mother of a spider that he tried to kill with bug spray. Like that's gonna kill something that fucking big. This spider was from the hood! It had an AK-47 laying next to it and various knives and a machete. YES! A fucking machete the length of my finger nail. Yes! And the spider was still trying to pull itself to safety, screaming for his ol' lady to come to his aide. Yeah, right. Not in my home dude! I grabbed the fly swatter and scooped it up and flicked it to the street. The birds screamed BREAKFAST and had a feast. I would have toasted the bugger, but David won't let me use the Master Blaster anymore. He's afraid I'll lose control and torch the house. He has no confidence in me.
Such an amateur!


  1. A shoe can be surprisingly effective against spiders. Love that photo with the Raid and you-know-who, LOL!

  2. I did not know you had ms. I am sorry. I know how hard it can be. I hope now you feel better already! Brightest blessings!

  3. I have been SO tired the last couple of days. I can't imagine having something like M.S. Thinking of you whilst I nap.

  4. I am not going anywhere honey. When i wrote this last post i suspected it might come out wrong. I was just over emotional after reading some of my old posts!


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