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Friday, January 16, 2015

My African Violet Bloomed

Yesterday I was watering my flowering plants that David gave to me for our last two wedding anniversaries. I love plants so I asked David to get me them instead of cut flowers. They last so much longer and I get joy from seeing them bloom over the years.

Anywho I have been keeping all my flowering house plants under a blue tarp in the spare room off of the kitchen with a UV blue light to keep them all happy. Boy are they happy as hell. The top picture is the African violet David gave me last year. It was a pitiful sight with the other plants in the basket it came in as it was tucked under some miniature roses out of sight. It had no flowers or even flower buds and the leaves were light green. Very poor looking indeed. I would have thrown it out if not for the UV light I bought for the winter.

Well, as you can see from the top picture it has thrived better than I ever imagined. It also gave me a present of a beautiful pink flower with a white lace like edge and tiny little purple specks on the petals. This is nothing like the usual dark purple or pink flowers on an average violet plant. Also, the petals give off a sparkle as if it was dusted with pixy dust. I showed it to David last night and he was amazed at how pretty it was.

I asked him later if he would build me a little window stand for my flowers. He said sure. I want to start buying more African violets and even some primroses. I showed him the primroses from a Logee's catalog that I want to start growing and he said it was ok with him. I'm in heaven right now.

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