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Monday, February 9, 2015

It's Monday and It's WARM Outside! BWAAHAHAAHAHAAAA!

Right now, the puppies are recharging their batteries. Sleeping like the little spoiled rotten shits that they are. I have 2 of them snoring on their bed next to me and one on the pillow/heating pad in back of my ass on my desk chair. That's Lucy. She loves to be as close to me as possible. Mostly laying on the pillow against my back. The sun is shining through the blinds and the puppies are just loving it. I have the doors and windows open because it's SO FUCKING WARM OUTSIDE HERE IN TEXAS! I had to cap that because some of my friends are nearly going crazy from all the snow up north and I love gloating about it. BWAAHAHAAAHAHAHAAA!

Anywho, I don't know about the rest of the nation, but it's like SPRING here in my neck of Texas. It's 11 AM and the temperature is 77. I kid you not! It's been so fucking wonderful outside that yesterday I had David help me take all my plants outside and put them on the courtyard table so they could get some much-needed sun. They are so happy right now. I'll have pictures tomorrow of them.
We should have a week and a half of this beautiful weather, but it's going back down into the 60's. Like break out the swimsuits y'all. Yeah right. Then the major freeze with sleet for a week comes later next month. Texas weather never fails to amaze me.

About 2 weeks ago or something like that, shit I don't remember when, I decided to go visit my Orthopedic doctor. Yes, the guy that replaced my knees and made me partially bionic. I asked to see him about my shoulder. When I said that I fell, they gave me an emergency appointment and I was in like a flash. Say you "FELL" but your shoulder is hurting and they don't give a flying sideways fuck, because the thing is, you "FELL", and that is the magic word when you have had total knee replacement.
So, I was in the office lobby for like 5 minutes and then I saw the doctor. He checked my knees and then my shoulder and had 2 sets of x-rays done. There was something on the x-rays of my shoulder that was very blurry by the collarbone. I told him that I usually have arthroscopic surgery done every 10 years to clean out this is gross the dead tissue that builds up around my nerves in there. It looks like that when it's about time to go in. Plus I'm usually in a lot of pain by then. He asked me when I had my last surgery for it. It was back in 1993, like over 20 years ago. The crazy thing is I have very little pain from it. He said he couldn't see anything wrong with my shoulder and that I was probably right, that I jammed it and pinched a nerve. He told me if the pain continues after 3 weeks call and he would get me in for an MRI. Well, today I'm fine. The exercises have done the job. Besides, I don't want to go under the knife for a while if I can help it. Knock wood!

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