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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Plants I Promised To Show Off From Yesterdays Post

Yesterday I promised to show you my plants that I usually keep outside in the courtyard. They spend their winter vacation happily in the house under a UV growing light. It's been so nice outdoors lately that I had to start getting them used to the summer weather. Yes, it's in the 80's here. Expecting 85 today. But this won't last for long because we usually get our icy cold days in March.  

These are the plants that are sitting on the courtyard table. David and I brought them out to let them have some warm sunlight that they desperately need.
 This is my African Violet in all its glory. I left it out in the sun for 2 days to let the leaves get darker. A few weeks ago there was only one flower- the one in the center. I still have a few blooms on it and 2 new leaves hidden under the center. There is pollen everywhere on the leaves because the bees have been buzzing on it.
 This is known as a Kalanchoe I have them in orange, yellow centers, and white. They have such teeny tiny flowers and they love the sun. These are loaded with tiny flower buds.

 This is my daisy that I chopped down to the soil. It's coming back nicely. 
David gave me this basket for my birthday last year. I brought it out for watering and accidently left it in the sun yesterday. As you can see the plant pushed it's leaves out and the ivy has new baby leaf buds everywhere. I'll leave this one out but put it out of the sun so it gets plenty of indirect sunlight.
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