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Monday, March 9, 2015

Answer To Friday's Question

It's been raining for two days and nights now. I told David he needs to hurry and finish that ark before the flood starts. Then there is that nasty time change crap. Why the fuck do we need a time change anyhow? Other than that I have spent that whole morning in bed on the heating pad. Arthritic back pain is the worst.

Mkay, let's get to the answer to last Fridays question. Debra asked,

Why are you a dog person instead of a cat person?

Well Debra, I have had birds, hamsters, cats and dogs throughout my life so far and I tend to like dogs the best. I have come across different personalities in both dogs and cats. I just like dogs more because they are not indifferent to their owner like cats are. Cats don't give a shit about you. They just want you to feed them. The cats that I have had tore up my furniture and drapes. I don't really hate cats, I tolerate them and their behavior or habits.

Dogs want to play and run and have fun with you. They also have a certain unconditional love for their owner, which is quite sad because so many animals are abused at the hands of the very people they love. I also love dogs more because they can be trained to help you, such as service and/or police dogs, and they can also be trained to behave in your home without tearing things up. Dogs let you know when someone is at the front door before that person knocks and they will let you know of an intruder. I feel safer with a dog when David is gone on a fishing trip.


  1. I understand feeling safer with a dog than with a cat. Cats are always sizing you up, planning to eat your eyeballs first if you have a heart attack and die. But gawd, even so, they're so charming!

  2. Can anyone ever actually own a cat? The cat doesn't think so. The cat thinks it owns you. And I like cats. I hope your pain subsides.


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