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Monday, April 6, 2015

Answers To Questions And Other Monday Shit

On Friday, I posted "Ask Me Anything" and Birdie asked What do you look like? Has that been asked before? 
No Birdie, your question has never been asked. At least not that I remember. Really, I usually don't post any pictures of myself because I'm not photogenic. Believe me when I say that. But I do have a wedding picture when David and I (yes, my nickname was Kitten) were exchanging vows at his friends home. The JP is a well respected  retired judge in town and an old fishing buddy. 
This picture was taken September 7th 2002. We couldn't go off on our honeymoon because I was working that night at the lab. But we made up for it when his daughter gave us a weekend at a bed and breakfast in Fredricksburg as a Christmas present. 

As for Pickleope, I can't answer that question, dear. But then you knew that when you asked it, didn't you.

David has been off since Thursday afternoon and won't be back at work until tomorrow. He said he needed to get some things done before the weekend. So he got his truck inspected and mine registered. Mowed the lawn. Planted the tomato and cucumber plants I have been nurturing under the plant light. Moved my flowering begonias to the front porch. Pulled weeds and crabgrass with his new weeder thingy. He then rented Fury, Intergalactic, and Insurgent. All three movies were great. I highly recommend them. One problem is that you need to set aside three hours for Intergalactic. Yes, it's that damned long. But it's a very good movie and worth the watch. Fury is a great war story, but it's very bloody and violently graphic movie. Not for kids.

Friday and Saturday I was busy cleaning house and doing laundry while he was outside. Sunday, I made meatloaf, David's favorite. I also made his favorite pie, which is pecan. During that time, I was on and off the heating pad and pain pills. But I'm glad I got things done. Today I'm going to take the time to read blogs and some articles I saved to read for later. I'll just relax today.


  1. I was at a birthday gathering last weekend and someone there was raving about how good "Intergalactic" is. And that's a lovely wedding photo!

  2. Your soooo pretty!!! Shame your not photogenic =(

    Sounds like a lovely weekend!!

  3. I think you are very photogenic! It is a great picture. :-)

    Thanks for your information on my blog today. Right now I am sitting with my ear almost on my shoulder. It makes me want to sleep. I will try what you suggested. xo

  4. You know I LOVE this photo of you and David, but I think there should be an updated version posted too. Even if you only share it with those of us you trust with your most intimate moments ... perhaps I'll start a petition??

  5. What do you mean you can't answer my question!?! You said "ask me anything", and I asked something. I think something falls into the realm of anything. I feel cheated. Fine, next time I'll ask something more conventional and personal. But we know what happens when I do that: things get scatological. And neither of us wants that.
    This is the second time you referenced the weeding contraption and I cannot picture what it is. I've not seen a weeding doohicky...unless you count my bare hands. That's right, (puts on sunglasses) I'm a weeding machine (cue music by the Who).

  6. I cannot believe this picture. You look a lot alike my mom when she was younger! I must find an old picture of her to show you!!! You are gorgeous!!


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