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Monday, April 20, 2015

It's Monday

During Sunday and Monday, we had thunderstorms and rain. This in turn caused a few brownouts, and on Monday we lost our cable DVR to the power surge. So I called Time Warner for help because we were getting a strange message on the DVR stating it needed to update after the last brownout. Well, I ended up calling them twice and nothing on their end seemed to work. So, I called David who was upset about the fact that we had to exchange the DVR. He was not pleased and took the time off anyways. 
He came home at 3PM and took the DVR to New Braunfels for a new one. I hooked it up and it didn't work so I called Time Warner again. I made an appointment with them to send a tech out to check the outside box on Wednesday. As you can guess, David was not happy. Turning in the DVR meant that he would lose all the TV shows and movies that he had saved on that DVR, so you can imagine how even more pissed he was that we wouldn't have cable either until then. 

On Wednesday, the cable TV tech came early to the house. checked the message on the cable and then went outside to check the box and the connections. He had to replace the whole cable line from the pole across the street to our house. Turns out the squirrels in the area had been chewing on the cable connection on the pole. He then set up the HD box in our bedroom so we could get better cable reception in there. He was there for only a half hour and we had everything back. Well except for David's TV shows he had taped on the DVR. He treated it like it was the end of his world. Shit!

During last week, I was able to get a whole lot of Spring cleaning done too. I divided the house up into days. The bedroom and bathroom on Monday. Tuesday was the TV/ computer room, etc, etc... I was so glad to get everything done by the end of the week and that included the laundry before Friday. I paid for it this past weekend with my usual back pain, but it was damned well worth it. Which reminds me, I need to call my doctor to get a prescription renewal. I am totally out of my pain meds.


  1. I have to side with David. If I lost some of my favourite shows I would be very upset! Well,only Downton Abbey, but still...

  2. When I got my own apartment again, I took my DVR with me just so I wouldn't lose the programs on it (we had three others, all on My Rare One's TVs -- yes, TVs). But then I had 10 miles of red tape to go through with the Cable Company to get it officially switched over to my new TV at my new location! Who knew it was so complicated?

    Love that housework LOL. Hope your back doesn't act up too much.

  3. Cursed squirrels! How dare they be so relatively cute and yet so destructive. We had one chew through the grounding wire to our house so that when we turned a light on in our bedroom, it burned like a sun, while in the kitchen, things wouldn't turn on at all. This is also why we cut the chord and only watch things online so that we really can't "miss" any of our shows. Good job with the cleaning, and yeah, renew that prescription...if for no other reason than you can sell those meds on the black market for a hefty sum.

  4. We have a local cable company (Beeline) here - when I call tec support I talk to a person in the next town - I checked on Time Warner and their tec crew for Maine is located in New Jersey. We pay premium but the service is good.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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