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Monday, April 27, 2015


I can't sleep as usual. I heard thunder and went outside to check on my potted plants that are sitting on the courtyard table. One blew over from the massive winds we are having. We are EWX on the map below. Getting slammed pretty hard here. I'm going to quiet down the puppies and then go back to bed. It's about 2:20AM and I'm very tired.
That was one hell of a storm last night. It didn't last long in our area, but we did get quite a bit of rain, which is always great in my book. It's a little cool and the air is dry this morning. I have my coffee and peanut butter toast, so let's get this shit on the road.

This past weekend I tried to go without any electronic devices such as my computers. David said that I am totally depended upon my computer, and I said he was no different. So we had a bet to see who would cave and be on their computer first over the weekend. I almost shit when I made that bet because I didn't have time to set up my weekend posts. So I'm sorry that I let you all down, but a point had to be made. Incidentally, David lost. He accidentally logged on to his computer Sunday afternoon. Yeah, he forgot about the bet when he came back from Home Desperate, got on his computer and logged into his bank book. By the time I caught him he was cussing up a blue streak. So, next weekend he will be doing all the gardening for me. 

I can't believe that this whole week is supposed to be sunny and warm. That will give us ample time to clean out the gardens. David hasn't done a whole lot of gardening. He has to have me around to let him know what should be pruned and planted. You saw my roses last week. They are out of control. David refuses to cut anything unless I tell him it's ok to do so. So while I'm sitting on the porch chilling with a book and some sweet iced tea, he will be doing all the pruning and raking and planting. *sigh* Life is good.


  1. Sounds like you and I had a similar weekend...well, except I bought a computer so I simply reinforced my electronic addiction. Well done on your win. That would have been tough.

  2. You're Master of Your Own Domain! Oh, different contest.


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