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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Pitiful Garden

Yesterday I was outside for a bit surveying the front yard to see what needed to be done. I sware that if anything ever happened to me David would be totally lost. I rarely go outside because it is hard to get up and down the steps to the house. So I braved the stairs and wanted to see how the plants were doing in the garden.

Yellow gardenias below right of roses near steps.
My gardenias need fertilizing bad. The leaves are a pitiful yellow and there are no white flower buds to be seen. The roses are all in bloom, but they need to be pruned. They have grown out of control. My petunias, geraniums, astilbe, lewisia, primroses,and my flowering begonias are all dead. I almost broke down and cried. So this weekend I will have to grab David and have him dig up the dead things and salvage what I can from the garden and prune the roses back to a decent height. I think I'll just stick to the roses in the garden. I'll have to buy new flowers and just keep them in pots on the porch so I can take good care of them.


  1. I think there is something in the cosmos. My yard is beyond pitiful too. Our azaleas only bloomed for a week and now most of the flowers are on the ground. I have white *things* all over my gardenia bushes (yes, they need fertilizing too, I'm saving coffee grounds to put on them) (I think the white *things* are bug eggs), and the only thing that looks good are the pots on the porch. My clematis is gorgeous! And the herbs are growing by leaps and bounds. Out of the 10 rose bushes we planted last year, only three survived. The lily of the valley hasn't shown it's head nor has the foxglove begun to break ground. Yes, I believe I will be a container gardener.

  2. I actually think the roses look great! I prefer a more natural look.

  3. from here, the roses look beautiful!

  4. I like your riotous roses too! Anarchy rocks!

  5. If your garden is considered "pitiful" I would hate for you to even glance sideways at mine.

  6. Your pix are beautiful. Here in western Maine it is mud season... Standing water everywhere - walking through the front or back yard is like walking through a swamp. There are still piles of snow in the shaded areas and ice-out on the rivers are producing flooding - to boot it has rained every day the past five days and forecast for at least four more rainy days. I can't explain it but this is part of the allure of interior Maine: the Maine coast is a different world.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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