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Friday, August 21, 2015

It's Friday

Yesterday I had to cut my blog short because of a violent thunderstorm that we had out here at around noon time. It really was bad. Our neighbors house got hit and so did a poll next to ours. When I cut off my computer we lost electricity in the neighborhood and then the puppies dun fucking lost their fuzzy little minds. I don't know why but when we lose power they know about it. Spunky started to howl and it was unnerving to say the least. It made the hairs on my neck stand up. Lucy and Pebbles both were huddling under my chair trying to see who could get the closest to me. My chair was vibrating because the puppies were shaking. Scared little dogs howling and hiding.

This morning at 07:00 we had a spritzer of rain for four seconds. David had none at work. It's still misting and the sun is trying to shine through the clouds. Parts west of Houston are getting rain right now. We should be getting some rain again later today, but I won't hold my breath on that one.

Tomorrow, I have some more tree limbs that are hanging for David to cut. They are brushing the roof and I really don't feel like hearing him bitch later about having to replace the roof after only a few years. He needs to get off his duff and take care of this problem now. He also owes me a car detailing and wash. Ever since he started using my Honda more often to run errands and stuff on the weekends, he has been messing up the interior, and the exterior looks like he drove it through the La Brea tar pits. I have tar splashes on the trunk lid. How in the fuck did he get that on there!

Yesterday I found chocolate candy smears on my drivers side upholstery and the central panel between the front seats had cola splatters. Like WTF!!! Also, the passenger side window has puppy nose prints all over and dog hair on the seats. I really wish he'd take the dogs out in his truck instead of my car. Shit dude! Mess your own vehicle up, not mine.

I'm sorry, I'm venting. But it bothers me when someone borrows my things and messes them up. Anywho, I did vent to my doctor about not feeling good and being depressed and all. He wants me to see my neurologist again. Something may be wrong and he want's to be sure. I REALY don't want to see another doctor until the year ends, if I can help it. I am so tired of everything right now I could cry.

I just started the second load of laundry. I still have to clean house. I also have to go through David's closet and get stuff ready for the Salvation Army tomorrow. There is so much clutter in this house. I need to declutter like nobody's biz around here. It's a mess. I also need to put the puppy toys in the washer with some bleach and soak them overnight. That's just EEWWW!  Nasty!

Well, these things won't be getting done by themselves. I will be blogging on Monday. Have a magickal weekend y'all.


  1. poor pups! my last chow would shake hard when it stormed. teddy is like...fuck you storm i am going to sleep.

  2. I feel sorry for pets when they don't understand.

    And yes. Messing up your car is not acceptable.

  3. My cats freak out as well, when the power goes down. How weird is that??? I hope you will feel better soon! And if you want to talk I am always here!! Lots of love to you and your puppies!!

  4. The new Evil Dead is on tonight - know you will be watching. Seeing zombies getting whacked should make you feel better.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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