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Monday, December 7, 2015


I'm feeling a bit better. I finished my ZPac antibiotics Sunday morning. I still have my cough, but it's not a "burning my lungs and wanting to rip the bloody things out" kind of cough. It's a dry cough with lots of fatigue. Yes, I'm very tired because I can't get any sleep. So I have been spending a lot of time on the internet playing around. Not much else to do except watch TV which is boring as hell.
Sunday night was really bad. Nothing on TV to watch. The Walking Dead is in hiatus until February 14th. Then it starts back up with 8 more episodes. Strange how some shows do 8 and 8 instead of just playing reruns for the holidays and then going back to regular routine. It all sucks.
I found out over the weekend that David will be off for the Christmas/New Year shutdown at work in about 2 weeks. Yes, I have exactly 2 weeks to get my shit together to figure out a game plan to keep him busy and leave me alone while he's home. Oh, and I found out it's not just for one week that he will be home, but for 2 weeks shutdown vacation. Crap on toast. What am I going to do? There isn't enough work to keep him busy all day. I might as well save some money and run away from home in order to get peace and quiet. The man gets bored and bothers me, and if that's not all he sends the puppies into where ever I am to bother me. Oh well, it's only 2 weeks. I'll muddle through it all.


  1. Maybe you can make him build you something, or fix things that need tools that he has to buy. I do it all the time! Mwah!

    1. Sweetie, this would be counter productive, having David build me something to keep him busy... I don't want him to build me anything. Reason being, that he will break out the table saw and try to cut more fingers off or better yet, something that will cause him to scream like a girl. You see, I can't take that chance again. He's dangerous when he's around power tools and plumbing fixtures.

      I'll figure something out. Maybe I'll get him to take the puppies for a drive around town. All four of them (that includes David) can hang their heads out of the car windows and bark at the people they pass by. Then, when they get home, I'll feed them and put them to bed early and finally get some peace.

  2. How dare you say that nasty "R" word on my blog! You should be ashamed of yourself. Does your mamma know you talk like that?

  3. I was going to attempt something pithy and clever, but Jaz up there beat me to it, that was a perfect--if not deviously cruel--comment. Glad you're feeling at least a little bit better.


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