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Monday, December 14, 2015

Poke Me I'm Done

I'm posting late today because David and the puppies tore up the house over the weekend. I clean every 3 days around here and do the laundry on Mondays and Fridays. But when it comes to weekends I have to clean more often because they tear up the place something awful. It's like having a rambunctious bunch of kids. I know what it will be like when David is off starting next week. OY!! Would anyone mind if I crashed at your place for 2 weeks? I'm neat and clean, and I won't make any noise. I'm a great house guest. PLEASE???? Save my life!

Anywho over the weekend, David and I went off to Cosco and got ourselves a Cosco card. My step-daughter (sweetest girl in the world) wanted a sound bar for her flat screen TV. The only place we could find it cheaper than online was at Cosco so we went and did it. We got a Cosco card. Now don't get me wrong, Cosco is nice, Sam's club is nice too, but I don't think we would be needing to buy anything like 1500 rolls of toilet. Yeah, I'm over doing it but hey, it's like that there. I saw people going numbnuts over a spiral cut ham. There were so many people that I almost lost David in there and he had ahold on my hand. He was going wild thinking we could buy this and this and this. I was saying no and no and no. He said it was like shopping with the Game Warden. No, you can't shoot that, you have no license.

But he did get the sound bar and he bought a ham. A small one that I'll be cooking and still cutting up for sandwiches for weeks to come. I could have gone to HEB and gotten one cheaper and smaller for the both of us. But hey, everything is bigger and better in Texas.

I went back to my doctor late Wednesday afternoon last week because I still had a bad cough and a bit of heaviness in the chest. He made me get another x-ray. I have ... get this ... walking fucking pneumonia. YES! He gave me another bunch of stronger antibiotics Zithromax and  Amoxicillin. Some other things like a cough syrup that tastes like chocolate covered cherries, and I have to use a breathing machine three times a day and an inhailer to help with my breathing. Fucking pneumonia! I feel better now, but my breathing is still a bit short and labored. I have to go back for another x-ray this afternoon and then see my doctor right after that. I'm hoping everthing is gone and that it's all a bad cough now. Crossing my fingers and chanting to myself.


  1. Walking pneumonia, yikes! But that chocolate covered cherries flavour cough syrup sounds delicious. I'd chugalug a bottle or two of that in one sitting.

    1. Almost did just to stop the coughing.

  2. hopefully this will knock that bug out of you! i try to avoid costco at all costs!

  3. Oh sweetie, still? Try to rest, drink your drugs( that sound delightful by the way!) and lots of fluids. Until then I am sending you all my love, hugs and kisses!

    1. Drink my drugs. Hmmmmm does sound good.

  4. P's. I loved the Phoebe reference!!

  5. It really sucks coming down with ailments over the holidays when everyone expects you to be 'joyful.' That alone is enough to make you depressed without the sickness.
    Whiskey and sugar - can't hurt and enough will either make you feel better of put you to sleep.
    take care
    the Ol'Buzzard

  6. You have an open invitation to crash on my futon...but only if you get rid of that pneumonia first. This ain't an infirmary. I hope you feel better soon.


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