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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

OMG!! There Is History On The History Channel!

You won't believe what is on the History Channel right now. Today, this very fucking minute. Actual HISTORY is on the History Channel. YES!! I KID YOU FUCKING NOT!! ACTUAL HISTORY!!
I sometimes tune into the History Channel in the early morning  hours, after 5a.m. to see something of a story on history. Sometimes I'm lucky and then sometimes or should I say more times than ever it's something stupid like a scripted reality show or something about aliens. That crap should be condemned. Shunned by society. But there are just too many people out there with an IQ of less than 70 that watch them and believe that they are the real deal, real history. I'm guessing they are the same people that think Donny Drumpf is their GOD and should be POTUS.
Okay, now on to more shit. Y'all know I am a Walking Dead, Dead Head, right? Yeah, well, The Walking Dead is over for their 6th season and will be starting filming Season 7 soon. But it was a pretty good ending. Not great but good.  We won't find out who got to say hello to Lucille until October. In the meantime, Fear The Walking Dead is starting its second season next Sunday. So the Zombie Apocolypse continues.

David will be home for lunch soon and I'm still watching real history on the history channel. Y'all have a magical day.


  1. I don't remember how I found my way here but I joined your followers and I am looking forward to looking at more of your posts. I like blogs that make me smile. come visit me!

  2. Actual history on the History channel? NOOOOOOOOOOO! Next thing you know, there'll be actual arts and entertainment programming on A & E.

  3. Don't watch the Walking Dead but I am so looking forward to the new season of Fear the Walking Dead that starts next week (?) and a new season of Z Nation.

  4. Real history on the history channel is a rarity - just like actual news on the news channels.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. Are you sure? I mean, are you absolutely certain they weren't just setting you up to tell you how aliens factored into that historical event?


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