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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Starting Over

Answering your comments yesterday about live trapping. We really tried that several times, but they are much too fast and smart. We can't kill them because they are red tail squirrels. Texas has a law against that.

Yesterday, I started soaking new flower seeds for planting. I picked up some pretty four-o-clocks and I found some leftover seeds from my dwarf hollyhocks. This coming weekend, David is going to set up chicken wire to keep the squirrels from getting to any new seedlings that sprout. I really hope this works. He said that I can plant the seedlings and then close the chicken wire up to look like a giant onion over the pots when ready. He said it should keep squirrels out until the flowers bloom then I'll take the wire off. Until then, he said he is working on enclosing the courtyard. I really don't think that is necessary and besides, it will be a great expense to do so. I can live with giant onions, ahahahaa.


  1. My Rare One baits her live trap with peanut butter. If they manage to steal it a couple of times, she tapes it down with clear scotch tape over it. I learned that trick from my Dad's vendetta against mice in the 1960s. He'd tape the cheese or bread to the traps so they had to stay put long enough to struggle with it. SNAP!

  2. Take a can of tobacco and put it in a pail of water - when the water is yellow spray it on and around the plants: will it work? Hell, I don't know.
    Years ago when my wife and were going to college, we bought a house with no electricity, water or plumbing. There were a number of ant hills in the front yard. Every morning when I first got up i would go into the front yard and piss on the ant hills. Within four weeks they were all gone. Get your husband to go out and piss around the flowers every morning - if it worked for ants mayhaps it will work for squirrels.. Hey, I am just trying - and if I am rambling mayhaps it is someting I am smoking.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. Sound like your busy in garden. We won't be planting corn or sunflower for a while in North Idaho.
    Coffee is on

  4. Oh how I hate squirrels. Destructive little chomp monsters. I can't even quantify the amount of damage they have done to my house and garden (including eating through the electric grounding wire to my house). So, whatever you decide to do to eliminate that fluffy tailed threat is okay with me, the more prejudice the better.


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