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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Clumsy Ass

I'm posting late today because I had an emergency appointment with my back pain doctor this morning. Yesterday I was watering the roses in the front yard and fell and hurt my back. Yeppers, I sure did. I slipped and lost my balance and fell backwards down the concrete steps. I fell hard and almost couldn't get up. But I did. I cut the water off and went inside and called David. We went to the ER because I felt something might be wrong. I couldn't sit without screaming in pain so I had to lay down in the back seats.
Well, they took me right away and got x-rays. Then they gave me something for the pain. Personally, I want more of that, whatever "that" was. I'm fine now, nothing cracked or broken, just really badly bruised. I feel like I was beaten with a baseball bat across the lower back. My pain doctor told me to keep ice on it for today. His nurse will call me on Thursday to check on me and then I go back to the heating pad after my back exercises. I should be good in a few days. David on the other hand, says no more outside for me until he widens the steps like he promised to do 2 years ago. Anywho, I'm on heavy pain killers until Thursday. If the pain gets worse I have to go back to see him. So far I feel okay. The pills make me feel woozy but that's how I usually am all day. I was born that way.
I have three little dogs sleeping practically on me right this very minute. Two are on my feet and Lucy, my nurse is sleeping really close next to my side. It's like they don't want my clumsy ass getting up and falling again. Lucy has been very close to me all morning since I got home. I guess they know mom is screwed up and needs protecting. ahahahaaa!


  1. damned sorry to hear about this! I have had back pain that made you cry and I'm a mean old son of a bitch. Wouldn't wish that on anyone. Take care of yourself, enjoy the meds, get well soon, don't stand with your back to the steps. later, Rat

  2. As if you needed to add an injury to what you are going through already. I hope David is out there fixing the steps.

  3. Sorry to hear of your tumble! Good thing you didn't crack your coccyx! I hope you recover quickly.

  4. so glad nothing broke! feel better soon!

  5. I cringed reading this, you poor thing! Sooooooo glad nothing is cracked or broken!!! Make sure the pups get some treats, sounds like they are taking good care of you =D

  6. Awww I'm sorry to hear about all your pain. I hope the cocktail of pain meds helps. Falling down concrete steps sounds horrific. My wishes for a speedy recovery.

  7. Thinking good thoughts about you
    the Ol'Buzzard


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