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Monday, June 27, 2016

It's Monday

We had a bit of rain over the weekend! YES! I shit you not!. It lasted all of 2 minutes, but it rained, damn it. Even the temperature dropped to 78. It was amazing. David was dancing, the dogs were crazy, they stayed out in the rain and didn't get soaked. The rest of the weekend was a bitch with the humidity. But hey, we got rain.
Pebbles had to go to the vet on Saturday to get her regular shots. She got 3. One in each shoulder and the last between the shoulders. Poor baby was in pain when she walked. She slept it off most of the weekend and is fine now. This made me remember how it felt getting shots every 3 years when I was an Army brat traveling and living overseas. Our parents would drag us to the hospital kicking, crying and making bargains with our mom and dad so we wouldn't have to get the shots, only to find out we had no choice. Going home with our arms hurting and tears streaming down our faces. some of us still crying. Great times.

I ripped the inside lining of my best purse with my car keys on Friday. It really pissed me off because now I have to get everything out of it and transfer it all to another purse. Yeah, "First World Woman's Problems." The only thing is, I have so much shit in there. David was watching me empty the thing and was making jokes about it. I thought about how much fun he was having at my expense. It made me wonder what the hell am I carrying all this shit around with me for.
So I threw some of the junk I don't need into a small basket. What I had in the basket was weird. There was an old Nokia phone that I used to use but hasn't been recharged in ages, 4 CD's in their cases that I never listen to in the car, 4 old tampons that I will never ever use ever again, 7 pens of different colors, 2 notepads, one notebook, my e-reader and the charger, my extra wallet with nothing but old pictures in it, old gum wrappers and enough old tissues to fill my bra and make me a D-cup. Yeah, lots and lots of trash. This got me wondering.

So I went online to see if there were any sites called "What's in Your Bag?" I found loads of them. Some were funny as hell. Some gave points for certain things like used tissues or specific use candy wrappers. It got me to wondering if anyone would like to get involved and lay out the contents of their handbags, purses, backpacks, whatever you carry around with you, and take a snapshot of it. I think it would be fun. Just don't show your credit card, personal pictures, bank book faces, or any type of ID cards. You don't want to throw identity thieves a bone, per-se.  My purse has been cleaned out since Friday.

This is everything in my bag right now. I dare you to take a picture of your bag with the contents -YES ALL OF IT, good and bad- laid out like I have mine, and post it on your blog. Come on, I'm challenging you.


  1. just picture Mary Poppins, able to pull out just the right item for any situation. That is my bag....and possibly two quarters, a nickel and a handful of pennies, part of them stuck to a piece of unwrapped chewing gum. I NEVER put my car keys in there, I put them in my front pocket of my jeans with my pocket knife, lighter, chap stick, extra hair elastics and my pentagram. I'm covered!

  2. i have never liked purses and gave up carrying one years ago. i carry my credit cards and my money in my jeans pocket and that is it.

  3. This is a cool challenge but my purse is boring. Just a wallet and keys. Sometimes Kleenex.

  4. Nope isn't gonna happen, there is no blog post big enough for what is in my bags, yes I carry two on working days LOL

  5. I'm up for the challenge! First though, I have to check if my camera is charged up. Then it'll take me awhile to post the photo because I'm leaving shortly to go to Manitoba. But bear with me! Check my blog on July 6th and I'll try to post it then.

  6. I rarely use a bag. You see we have a diaper bag for the little one which Petros carries because of my back. So, I take advantage of the situation and give him everything I want with me. And then I constantly bug him to give them to me.

  7. I kind of get having one CD in there, but 4!?! So, wait, are you still keeping three separate electronic devices? Maybe they aren't electronics, though. What are the two things to the right of the flip phone? Bold move.

  8. They are my wallets. The larger one keeps money(bills), driver's license and medical ID and the smaller one has credit cards in it. All my change goes into the little red zip pocket next to my eyeglass case. I'm only carrying my flip phone for electronics unless I have a doctor's appointment then I carry my e-reader. The black and silver carrying case above my eyeglass case is for my camera. I carry that everywhere I go.


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