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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Posting Time

I haven't posted all about "ME" in like I don't know how long. I'll be posting in the afternoons from now on. The reason?  I've been busy in the morning at the Health Center. I go there to work out in the pool because it's good for my back. I stay for about 2 hours on the machines and the bike and then I go into the pool for an hour. It's a good workout but I feel so tired when I get out of the pool. I think I might be defeating the whole purpose of my time there because I feel like shit when I get home. The great thing is that the pool is heated and it's salt water. The bad thing is that once I get in the pool, I don't want to get out.
I feel for all y'all out there in the Southwest, that includes my brother Satan. Yeah, he's been complaining about the heat out in west Texas. Also, they haven't had any real rain to speak of since the beginning of time. It's hotter than usual there while we are unusually 10 degrees cooler here. We should be tipping into triple digits this month and it's been hitting the low 90's. Some say it's way too hot when in actuality it isn't. I don't know if we will ever hit the 100's at all. But I'm not gonna bitch too much about it. I like the weather as it is. Just keep the humidity down and I'm fine.
cookie treats

The puppies got another BarkBox in the mail today. Lucy was so excited that she wanted to go for a ride with the mailperson. After Lucy thanked her over and over again with sloppy kisses we went into the house. Lucy wasted no time in shouting to the others that mom had the BarkBox. This one was labeled Camp Fort Belly Rub. It had 2 bags of cookies for dogs, a crunchy duck chew stick, a squeaky swiss army knife toy, and a squeaky smores toy.

Spunky was the first to steal the toys. He always lays claim to anything that squeaks. Lucy and Pebbles were nuts about the cookies. I think they know what the treat bags look like now so they naturally go after them. These BarkBoxes are paying off. I don't have to go out to buy treats once a month and they get at least 2 toys to play with. The renewal will be in September so I think I'll go ahead and renew it for them.


  1. So happy to hear you are feeling better (and even more tired? How can that be??) after working out and lounging in the pool. <3

    1. It's Vickie! OY! Why didn't my name show up? I'm NOT unknown, LOL!!

  2. I could not handle the triple digits. Canadians melt in triple digits. Well at least this Canadian does.

  3. Everyone will try and tell you dogs have a good sense of smell, don't you believe it! They can read whats on the packages! It only hit 115 degrees today! I was outside for about 5 minutes and you could fry an egg on my bald spot! Hope the pool helps your back. I use bourbon!

  4. You work out 3 hours a day! You are my hero! I bitch and moan and hug ice packs and all my work out stair running and outside running is never more than an hour!
    You are a Goddess! Keep on it, but be careful to listen to your body to avoid back spasms but after a while you will feel the difference. That pool sounds amazing!

  5. Oh and I think I mentioned it before but those are the luckiest puppies in the world!

  6. Would it help to have a little cat nap when you get home from the pool? Oh sorry -- puppy nap?

  7. Try to stay cool this summer - or come up to Maine. Yesterday we hit eighty and last night was in the fifties.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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