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Monday, June 6, 2016

Quick Post

I'm late posting today because I spent the whole fucking morning stuck either in Imaging waiting to get x-rays and an MRI or at the Lab waiting to get drawn. UGH!! I hate going for labs. It makes me crazy and the chairs are the worst to sit in when you have a bad back. I can't believe I was in there for 4 damned life-sucking hours.

I finally got out of the hospital around 1:15 this afternoon and I'm very tired, bitchy, and hungry. I'm going to eat some lunch take my pain meds and go nap on the heating pad for a while. Love you all very much!


  1. i would be bitchy too. sounds like a horrible day!

  2. 4 hours? You deserve to be bitchy. Hope a rest and the heating pad works.

  3. hope the nap helps! Bourbon is 100% effective in these circumstances!


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