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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


All I asked was for a little 'ol challenge. It wasn't much, it was just to have fun and maybe give y'all something to post on your blogs. But guess what? Y'all fucking blew me off with all kinds of lame-ass excuses!! It wasn't much to ask for.  Out of all y'all only one who said she would post her challenge was Debra from She Who Seeks. Thanks so much sweetie, I knew I could count on you. 


  1. I missed the post entirely! Was it over the weekend?? Or on a day Jimmy was home?? I'll post, I'll accept the challenge, I just don't know what it is. Can I have a do over???

    BTW!! For some unknown reason Google is NOT letting me post as myself, just unknown or anonymous So, it's ME ... VICKIE!!!

  2. The challenge is for whenever this month.

  3. Alright alright diaper bag it is!

    1. *doing happy dance* Thank you sweetie. *smooches*

  4. I can take a picture of my wallet and keys (all 2 of them) if you want!

  5. i just came back and looked at this. i left a comment but it didn't publish?

  6. Was this the content of your purse challenge? I'm sorry, I'm all-consumed with baby duties (this baby is a great excuse-generator). I can do a content of your diaper bag challenge. Maybe if you called it a "blog hop" people would be all over it.


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