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Friday, August 19, 2016

OMG! Trump You're a Fucktard!

Yesterday, Trump went to Baton Rouge, La. He was explicitly told by the Governor of Louisiana not to come if it was going to be a photo-op, but instead, he could make a nice donation to help out the flood victims. You guessed it. Trump being the fucktard that he is, went anyways. He spent exactly 49 seconds helping with Pence to unload a truck with Play Dough. YES!! You read it right. Seriously! P l a y D o u g h!

Okay, now, someone please explain this to me. What The Fuck will they do with Play Dough? Right, it's for the kids. But is it water? Medical supplies? Food? Personal hygienic supplies? NO to all that. If I were him, thank Gawd I'm not, I would have looked for something more substantial that would make me look good. Not a truck full of Play Dough. Shit! What a dumbass fucktard.

Check out the video and news feed here:


  1. I mean, you could build a levy with Play Dough, right? Maybe replicate his ridiculous comb over? Okay, no, that's just idiotic.

  2. He has never known want so he has no idea how to give.

  3. Omg, I actually thought it was a joke! He's such a moron

  4. and he looked so thrilled to be there. he was handing the stuff to pence to hand to the peons...unreal! he might have had to touch someone.

  5. As rich as he claims to be he could make a real difference with a big contribution - If he actually cared.
    Scrooge McDuck gives play dough to flood victims.
    The Ol'Buzzard


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