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Thursday, August 25, 2016

This and That

I think y'all noticed the political shit that I've put up on the right side of my blog and what I've been posting now and then. I usually don't go crazy and talk politics and I'm trying not to, but I can't help it because most of this shit is just so funny. The guy is a loopy bigot and he goes off on tangents and repeats words and phrases like he's trying to remember them. The man is basically an idiot. He has no idea of the laws in this country. He makes shit up that sounds really great to all the dumbasses that follow him. Tony Schwartz, who wrote Trump's first book 'The Art of The Deal", said that:
Donald Trump does not have a deep wealth of knowledge, mostly due to his incredibly short attention span, which he compared to “a 9-year old with ADHD,” 
Trump is nothing but a sociopath who will lie to the people to get what he wants He just wants to be large and in charge. But isn't that true of all politicians? 
Lizzy. my spider friend, has been busy today. She's rebuilding her web again. It seems that one of her recent dinner victims guests got violent, flipped a table and tore a nasty hole in the web. I could hear the cursing, bottles and plates breaking, and then the screams.

She's a very fastidious spider. She keeps a tidy web. In about 2 months she will set up an egg sack in a safe spot on the ceiling of our front porch and then pass on to that great big spider web in the sky. I'll miss her, and the blood-curdling screams of her guests her singing. *sigh*
Follow up to the possible septic tank pipe sinkhole problem. David and I have talked it over and decided to wait on closing the Black Hole of Calcutta. We had a plumber come by yesterday and he said to dig around the pipe to find out where it goes. If it goes to a septic tank pour sand to cover the pipe and then put dirt over the sand. I'm hoping that it really is an old septic tank pipe that just needs to be taken out and the tank capped. David doesn't care about the money right now so I'm not gonna bug him about it. 


  1. I hope that works! As interesting as the story would be, I'd hate for your whole front yard to wash away.

  2. Trump. Yeah. He gets talked about a lot up here in Canada. Well, laughed at.

    You are going all Charlotte's Web on me. I feel kinda sad. Please take pictures of her egg sack.

  3. Only you could make Lizzy sound so delightful! And I love your Trump stuff. I will be stealing that Hulk Smash gif for an Avengers-themed election post I'm doing, just so you know!

  4. Just a suggestion, but if it is an old septic - I would have it filled with dirt and not leave it empty and able to collect water and eventually leak under ground.
    Agree with you totally on Trump. Trump is only the part of the iceberg we can see above the water, the real danger is all his followers below the surface.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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