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Monday, August 1, 2016

Yeah, I'm Late

I'm late posting today because I had like half a dozen errands to do plus a doctors appointment that I just came from. I feel wasted. Absolutely no sleep since Saturday. My back pain is keeping me up again. Tonight, I'm trying something different. I'm taking my pain meds an hour earlier so they take effect sooner and maybe, just maybe I'll get the shut-eye I need.
The doctor is happy except for the pain that I'm having and the lack of sleep. But he's very happy that I lost another 10 lbs. No diet, just eating right and doing the exercise thingy at the Health Center at the hospital. I feel pretty good. Just tired.

I'm also pissed because I've been trying to get David to watch a TV show on the AMC channel called "Feed the Beast".  I love that show. I told him all about it and he's seen the trailer. Told him I had all the episodes on DVR for him to catch up. Guess what. He watched the 5th episode by accident one night and now he's hooked. He asked me if I've seen the show recently. I wanted to whup him so fucking hard up-side the head. He has selective hearing, I sware to Goddess. Anywho, he finally caught up on the show by binge watching yesterday. The season finale is Tuesday night.
I'm in the process of making dinner right now. I have a bit of Italian sausage and lean ground beef browning  in a large pot with a diced onion and bell pepper. When that's ready I'll dump 2 thawed bags of marinara sauce, I made a week ago, along with fresh chopped oregano and basil.  Oh, that basil smells sooooooo nice. I'll start the lasagna noodles in an hour. 


  1. I haven't seen "Feed the Beast" yet. I generally like e AMC shows, so i should have given it a try. I'm sure they will do a marathon before seasons 2 starts next year, and maybe I'll give it a try then.

  2. Good Morning!!! Thank you for the smile and I could swear that the scent of Italian cooking just filled my home...yummmmmmmm!!!

  3. i need to check that show out! my husbands suffers from selective hearing too. ugh!

  4. Did taking your pain medication earlier help? I hope so! :-)

  5. Damn, I'd love to eat at your house. You are working hard to feel better - you've got guts.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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