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Monday, October 24, 2016

It's Monday

The last 5 days and nights have been pure murder for me. I have never been so attached to objects more in my life for pain relief as I have with my meds, heating pad and my bed. I love them both dearly but it will be breakup time in about 2 days. Yes! I hopefully will be a partially functioning human female again. Able to walk, drive, cook and clean without the evil Drug Lord Vicodin hounding my every move. Oh Yes! After this afternoon, I will be human again. Dayum!! 
For all you die-hard Cubbies fans out there like me, we got into the World Series! YES! Finally! Does that mean that we (the Cubs fans) will finally see the Billy Goat Curse broken for good? We won't know until we see the Cubs win the World Series. My bucket list has 2 items I want more than anything in the world, to live to see the Cubs win the World Series and to actually see a game.
Yes, I want to go to Wrigley Field to and watch the Cubs play. I want to sit behind home plate or even above their dugout, shit, I want to be there. When my brother came back from Chicago with a Cubs baseball hat for me, I nearly died. It's my prized possession of everything I own. I still have it and I plan to wear it while watching the WS.
Okay did anyone see the Walking Dead last night? It was the beginning of Season 7. For those who aren't like me, sorry. But last night was bad. It was so bad I may not watch the show anymore. I kind of figured that Abraham would get the bat in the head but not Glen too.
That was just too much for me. Not the blood and gore of seeing Glen's head caved in but the fact that it was Glen that died. I was so hoping that he would be around to be a daddy when Maggie gave birth. I'm guessing they wanted the wow factor so they just killed off Glen at a moments notice. That really sucked. He was a cool dude.


  1. Keep us posted on how your procedure goes. xo

  2. Yes, I did watch the episode of the Walkers last night, I cried, it was bad enough that Abraham got the bat, but Glenn, I loved Glenn, he was one of the good ones! I am crushed and not sure if I can continue to watch....this was over the top brutal!

  3. Aww, spoilers! To me Glenn's death was a given. He jumped out of the line, made himself a target. (Not to mention it was faithful to the comics.) So, what's happening this (last) afternoon? How are you going to be "cured"?

  4. Sympathies on your loss.
    The Ol'Buzzard


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