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Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday, Can I Go Back To Bed Now?

I've just spent the better half of this morning talking with my pain doctor's billing office trying to make some sense of a bill we received in the mail on Saturday. My husband said this and they say that and it's just a mess. Get this he refuses to talk with their billing department because "he will get upset." Yeah, so he gets upset with me in return. I'm trying to be nice with both billing and the beast and I'm getting my ass chewed out. So I asked the billing person to just call the number I gave her and she is now having trouble. So I will have to call and try my hand at it. The thing is, I don't want to do this anymore. I'm done fighting. 
While I was on the phone I was watering my outdoor plants in the courtyard and front porch. They looked so bad. The leaves on my little lemon trees were curling. The pineapple plants just love this heat but I will have to repot everything soon. I was trying to remember what I did last year when we hit the 100's without rain and then it just hit me, we didn't have hot days last year. We never hit the 100's. We actually had more rainy days last year. There were hot days but they were in the mid to low 90's and very humid. right now we have hit 100+ for the past 13 days. and we aren't into August which is our hottest month. 


  1. time to think about moving! i would have been out of there 12 100 degree days ago!

  2. You tried to make sense of a doctor's bill!?! That's both impressive and anxiety inducing. I'd rather bake in the Texas heat. You, on the other hand, have to do both. But global warming is a hoax.

  3. I hope everything went ok with your bill??? I can't imagine heat like that!! Please take care! Big Hugs!


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