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Thursday, February 22, 2024

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 Amazing Beautiful Moths

I tried to find out if the moths in this video were real or AI. I'm taking a guess they are all AI. If anyone knows about this, please comment.

Update:  The person who made this video has been found, Kelly Boesch,  @kelly_boesch_ai_art on TikTok. Her AI art is amazing. So I am giving credit where credit is due. Thank you Kelly, and thank you  Cleora Borealis for finding the author of this beautiful piece of art. I would encourage those of you who want to see more of her work to go to TikTok to check her out here.         


Anonymous said...

Is this video from Ant Lab? Ant Lab is run by an entomologist.

Leanna said...

I wasn't sure about the origins of this video. I haven't been able to find the maker of this video.

Cleora Borealis said...

Ant Lab mostly concentrates on ants and its videos are informative and lively, not soothing. I'm guessing AI because while I'm sure that these colorful butterflies (and talented nature photographers) exist, they do not get together this often in the same setting. I'm gonna keep researching the origin 'cause if I don't I'll go nuts wondering. 🤪

Leanna said...

Yeah, I'm with you on that, Cleora. The colors are too vibrant and pretty and the one moth with the lacy white and gold wings is fake for sure. These are too pretty for reality. If the maker had thrown in the Luna Moth and the Chinese Luna Moth then these would have been more believable in a way. But this is all AI.
Contrary to belief these are not butterflies because of the antennae. Butterflies have thin antennae and moths have this thick hairy antennae.

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