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Friday, June 18, 2010

Good news !!

OK... I went to see Dr. Miller at the Pain Clinic this afternoon. Last time I saw him it was in 2005 for my right knee. But anywho, we talked and talked about the procedure and the whole nine yards so to speak. Turns out I won't have to have 3 injections like I feared. He said he just performs the "Block" which is a basic numbing of the spinal nerves. then that would be it. I told him I wanted him to burn the nerves, which if you read the past blog for Monday the 14th  on this it will explain it from the Mayfield Clinic site. Well I am scheduled for the procedure on Wednesday the 23rd ...that's next week at 9 am. I will be the first on the list for him to do. Wooooooot!!!! Damn ! I can't wait. I feel like it's gonna be Christmas morning for me. I guess nobody would understand unless they go through this. It's the greatest thing in my book since fried Twinkies. If I could, I would be dancing around right now. Jeeeeze!!! 

David told me not to count my chickens yet cause it might not take. I think it will. I really think this is going to be it and I should be back at work in at least 2 months. But judging from the conversation and the look on his face on the way home today, I wonder if David isn't happy with me returning to work at all. When we got married we had an agreement that if I wanted to work, which I did, he would honor that commitment and let me share in paying the bills. Well it worked damned good for us because with the extra $48 thousand a year coming in we were able to travel and renovate the house and live more then comfortable lives. But I'm beginning to wonder if he doesn't mind me staying home like I have for the past year.

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  1. LOVE the title of your blog!!! thanks for visiting mine, and I'll be sure to read yours too!!!


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