Friday, June 11, 2010


By the Goddess !!!  I had a load of crap to do yesterday. and a few important things too. To start my day off,  I had a freaking mind numbing migraine that wouldn't go away. I spent most of my morning lying down in my dark closet trying to get rid of it. Nope, didn't work this time. Other then that, my day got just freaking better and better.

First I had an appointment with my Orthopedic doctor for my back pain. I told him the Darvocet barely takes the edge off I needed something stronger. He said he can't give me anything stronger for pain relief for my back unless I want to be hooked up to a Morphine IV...ummm no thank you. That would only make my migraines worse.  I already went through the Lumbar Injections last year, now he wants me to go see Dr. Payne ironic, I know for Facet Injections. Since I went through the Lumbar crap now it's Facet? What next? This is gonna leave a mark I just know it. But he said it will be the very last thing I go through before the fusion surgery. If the facet crap works, we  can nix the surgery. Oh goody. Well, now I have to wait a week or two before they call me for an appointment with Doc Payne. Just lovely, my migraine got worse as my day got better.

David  was my chauffeur for my appointment with the doctor. So when I finished my visit I asked David if he wanted to go out for an early dinner to his favorite place Olive Garden. Of coarse he won't turn that down. We had a delightful time together, talking and eating and then we went home to the puppies. Why is it, whenever either one of us opens the door to the house after being gone for a while, the puppies always rush to jump all over me and not David? It never fails to amaze me...that they leave him alone and molest me every single time.  As the day went on, it got a little better.

The sun went down and I was getting ready for the evening ritual. I found my Hecate New Moon  ritual, the one I just added to my  BOS. I decided it would be perfect to do this one with the Water Healing Chant for tonight. More power involved. It was perfect. The whole ceremony was probably the best I've ever done. I was finished by midnight. I could still feel the energy shooting through me when I returned it to the Mother Earth. I am still a bit energized from it right now. That might be one of the big reasons why I can't sleep tonight. I just hope that we all gathered enough energy to help with the healing. The past 24 hours did get better... My migraine finally went away.

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